About Me


I'm Alina Blazquez, a Professional Counselor with a passion for helping people thrive after Narcissistic Abuse.

I see clients from all over the world through my Online Sessions. I love helping my clients process difficult experiences, and guide them into well-being which empowers them to continue living a fulfilling and meaningful life. I'm extremely grateful for having the opportunity to assist people daily from every walk of life, and from every corner of the world through my work.

My clients come to me with a variety of concerns, such as overcoming narcissistic abuse, personal development, career choice, divorce, and everyday struggles. I provide psychological tools developed to each specific need.

I'm also very happy to have the opportunity to provide Psycho-Education (subscribe to my Youtube channel if you are interested).

I write a blog, Courses and do Workshops about emotional abuse, trauma, Well-Being, Self-Care, Mindfulness, and other areas of psychology that I truly believe should be taught in schools. I obtained my degree at Georgia State University in Atlanta, USA and then moved to where I currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I've always known I wanted to empower people and help others find their unique meaning and calling.

I initially did this while working in an international personnel selection company making the most of my first University degree as a Licensed Professional in Human Resources and Public Relations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I'm from and currently live.


I had always been interested in psychology but the way it was taught in Argentina wasn't exactly cutting edge. I wanted to learn a more scientific and holistic type of psychology, the one that is based on innovative research. I never imagined that a few years later I would be learning and training with doctors in psychology conducting their own research at Georgia State University.

A few years later I jumped at the opportunity to study in the USA where I received, with honors, my Master of Science Degree in Professional Counseling at Georgia State University, in Atlanta, GA, where I lived for 4 years.

While I was studying to obtain my Master degree I worked at the University's Career Counseling Center where I administered personality tests in order to guide students with their career choices. I completed my practicum at Catholic Social Services Counseling Center where I had clients from every walk of life and with a variety of psychological issues. I then decided that in order to be effective as a Counselor I'd need to be eclectic in my approach. This means I draw from different theories according to my clients' presenting problems and personalities.

Years later, I realized there was a lack of true understanding of the destructive consequences for the victim of narcissistic abuse after having suffered the devastating effects myself. It was then that I passionately dedicated my YouTube channel to sharing what I had already proven through my own healing process to be useful interventions, treatments, and resources. About a year later I started a second YouTube channel in Spanish and was very surprised to see that there was an immense need for information on personality disorders in the Spanish speaking countries as well.

I now provide face-to-face counseling through my private practice in Buenos Aires. I conduct workshops, and I'm honored to be able to empower people from all over the world through my online sessions, blog, English YouTube channel, and Spanish YouTube channel.

I look forward to working with you online, or face to face.

My Purpose

My purpose is to empower you through online therapy sessions and psycho-education.

I'm a big believer in Post Traumatic Growth this is why I'm passionate about helping you identify psychological obstacles and make positive life changes to overcome and learn from adversity. Your well being is my goal.


Qualifications & Accreditations

▸ Lic. Public and Human Relations (UM, Buenos Aires)
▸ Master of Science in Professional Counseling (Georgia State University, Atlanta)
▸ Honor Society for Intl. Scholars
▸ National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC): National Certified Counselor
▸ Asociación Argentina de Counselors (ACA): Member of the Argentine Association of Counselors

My Eclectic Approach

My eclectic and holistic nature as a professional counselor is what compels me to bring what works most effectively from different psychological theories to my counseling sessions. I favor mindfulness (almost always!) CBT in specific occasions, and I also draw from Existentialism. Finding meaning in daily life works as an antibody that increases resilience and improves your health holistically.

I now provide face to face counseling through my private practice in Buenos Aires, I conduct workshops, and I'm honored to be able to empower people from all over the world through my online sessions, blog, English and Spanish YouTube channels.

I look forward to working with you either online, face to face, or finding you in the comments of my videos.

Let me help you take your life back.

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