Online Sessions

Want More Personalized Help?

My online, one to one, private sessions are warm and compassionate but also powerful and transformative.

Feeling heard and understood is one of the first and most important parts of healing. If you need support, validation, helpful information, and clarity to make sense of what you are currently going through and why this is happening, these sessions are for you.

I can also help you define your personality style, and your key strengths, along with limiting beliefs that are currently keeping you stuck.


Self-awareness is what really makes us evolve and move forward to a way of living that is more congruent and true to us. Together we will work on finding your unique meaning and make sense of what happened so that you can move on from this problem and attain growth .

When difficulties and adversity happen in our lives, we feel shaken and without guidance

Depending on your personal current needs, my online sessions have been known to serve as a warm pick me up, or even as a way of clarifying ideas and thoughts while at the same time identifying subconscious beliefs that are preventing our growth.

Other times these sessions help you obtaining psycho-educational and practical resources and techniques to overcome abuse, but more often than not these conversations can be a balsam for the soul.

Validation, understanding, self-awareness, transformation, and growth

After defining your personality style, your presenting issue, subconscious beliefs and key strengths we will be better equipped to have a clear understanding of what your next steps will be.

I will ask you to fill out a basic information form before these sessions so that we will have more time for your presenting issue or concern.

Let me help you take your life back.

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