My Workshops

I provide workshops in English and in Spanish to organizations and schools.

Manipulative Tactics Used by Predator and Passive-Aggressive Personalities. How to Spot Them?

A psychoeducational workshop aimed at generating awareness and knowledge about how the disordered and abusive individual flies under the radar in society until it’s too late and the damage is already done.

This preventive workshop brings light to undercover passive-aggressive techniques used by abusive personalities and will arm you with specific information and tools that will help you discern more clearly when boundaries are being crossed.

My goal with this workshop is to increase your assertiveness as a consequence of becoming more familiar with research-based information that shows how abusers behave so that you will be better equipped to identify these personalities in your daily life.


Stress Management Strategies and Mindfulness Techniques

This workshop includes three aspects of stress:

1. Psychological: Personality Styles that are prone to engaging in stressful mechanisms and how to regulate distorted thoughts. Understanding guilt.

2. Physical: Physical effects of stress, the importance of tryptophan as an essential amino acid necessary for regulating anxious processes, and how to easily incorporate it in your diet.

3. Mindfulness Tools: Mindfulness exercises that you can put into practice to instantly improve your physiological response to stress.

Career Quest Workshop

Become aware of essential information about yourself in relation to work that will boost your levels of certainty when it comes to choosing a fulfilling career.

Self-administered tests and inventories yield valuable data utilized during the workshop in order to find a career that will better suit your personality type and vocational preferences.

It includes lists of jobs, activities and careers that are usually chosen by each and every personality type.


Eating Disorders Awareness

Eating disorders in adolescence and the constant strive for unattainable perfectionism.

What signs to look for.

The role of social media in the development of an eating disorder.

How to foster a healthy approach to food.

What parents can do to help.

Let me help you take your life back.

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