Holistic and Eclectic Approach

Eclectic Alu is a holistic counseling practice that offers face to face individual, and group counseling, as well as online sessions. In addition, I offer preventive psycho-educational workshops, and courses.

All my services can be delivered either in English or in Spanish.

As a Master of Science in Professional Counseling, Board Certified Counselor with a passion for helping people thrive after adversity and/or narcissistic abuse, my goal is to empower you and help you achieve Post Traumatic Growth. I do this through my counseling sessions, guiding you to find your own meaning, and by assisting you in gaining the clarity that you need in order to overcome disrupted limiting beliefs due to trauma and/or particular life experiences.

My approach is eclectic and holistic. Eclectic because I draw from different psychological theories and disciplines according to your presenting problem and personality. Holistic because mind, spirit, emotions, and body are deeply connected, therefore healing is achieved when we look at the person as a whole and optimize this connection.

My personal experience, background, and knowledge base in emotionality and psychology, trauma and CPTSD, human relations, personality assessment, and neuroscience; along with my continued collaboration with functional nutritionists have a substantial role in my diverse and compassionate approach.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


This program is an invitation to feel compassionately validated not only by myself but also by empirical psychological research that gives meaning to what happened. The narcissistic abuse recovery program will help you understand the absurdity of what you went through.

Trauma Solutions (CPTSD)


These sessions focus on identifying CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms after narcissistic abuse and gaining insight into specific strategies and techniques that you can put into practice at home to alleviate its effects.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction


A mindfulness based session approach with a wide array of tools, techniques and practices that are medically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Thrive After Divorce


These sessions are based on a compassionate approach looking at one of the hardest life crises. Thrive after divorce program is an outlet for pent up emotions but also a source of information with tools that will help you move through your limiting beliefs, brake through your fears, make sure your children feel safe, and move forward.


Vocational and career counseling designed to help you find your passion. I will administer tests, inventories, and personality assessments specifically designed to help you identify your strengths and personality type. It includes strategies and resources to find the best job for you.


Clinic based groups only available face to face designed to support individual therapy. Group counseling is available face to face, in person only.

Let me help you take your life back.

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