CPTSD Solutions

These sessions focus on identifying CPTSD symptoms after narcissistic abuse, and on gaining insight into specific tools and techniques that you can put into practice to alleviate its effects. This program is available both face to face and online, in English and in Spanish.

What is CPTSD?

While PTSD is related to a single event like a car accident, or a natural disaster, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) results from repeated trauma over the course of months or decades.


What are the Symptoms?

Some of the symptoms include but are not limited to:

▸ Waking up at night with terrible nightmares or feelings of doom and hopelessness
▸ Emotional dysregulation (ED): when people lose control of their emotions and react in a disproportionate manner
▸ Flashbacks: losing connection with the present moment and feeling as if the traumatic event is actually happening at the time the person suffers a flashback
▸ Negative perception of the self: strong inner critic with feelings of shame, guilt, worrying, helplessness
▸ Dissociation
▸ Struggle to have faith in people or in life
▸ Social isolation

How Can You Recover?

We will work on connecting with your emotions and analyzing in a very careful manner what feelings and emotions are linked to certain outcomes in your behaviors and symptoms. We will process traumatic memories. I will help you put to practice specific state management techniques, and work on going back to a place where you feel like you've regained your life.

The main goal is to arm you with resources and psychological tools and techniques that you can have at your disposal anytime you feel like you are experiencing a symptom. Consequently you will experience a reduction of the symptoms which will lead you to completely change your outlook on life reclaiming your own sense of meaning with renewed energy to follow your purpose in the world.

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