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I provide courses in English and in Spanish to organizations and schools.

Foods and Nutrients to Calm the Nervous System

Understanding the body-mind connection is the first step toward increasing our general well-being. Empaths are particularly susceptible to their environment and the effects of adverse events are felt emotionally, mentally and in the body. When we endure any kind of abuse, we also experience its inevitable companion: stress. This is the tremendous price our body pays.

We experience a loss of minerals that prevent us from stabilizing our nervous system. Causing us to believe that being calm and relaxed as a normal state of being is practically unachievable.

I developed this course with the help of an experienced nutritionist to bring you specific information on foods, nutrients, and mineral supplements you may need to incorporate in order to regulate a worn out and anxious nervous system.


Anxiety and Stress Reduction Techniques

This course will give you the tools to help you shift your perspective on anxiety and understand it holistically so that you can use it as information for change and growth.

Learn to identify thought processes that lead you to feel anxious and learn about the role of our physical, and emotional health when it comes to healing. You’ll also find worksheets with mindfulness techniques specifically designed to reduce anxiety and stress.

Thrive After Divorce

Accelerate your healing process and rediscover your identity as a single person.

Strategies to help you adapt to change and increase your resiliency so that you can regain control over your life and start feeling excited again about your future.

What you can do to help your kids better navigate the break-up.


State Management and Self-Care for Empaths

Being a highly empathic person entails that you will need to cherish and protect that amazing quality in order to function at your best. Learning how to regulate your psychological and physical state is essential to feel empowered and fulfilled.

Obtain important self-care guidelines that are indispensable to safeguard your empathic gifts and restore your nervous system. Manage your general state by understanding how to consciously reduce your people-pleasing tendencies, your disproportionate guilt, and your harsh superego or inner critic dialogue.

Let me help you take your life back.

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