Let me help you take your life back.

I'm a Professional Counselor whose mission is to empower you to overcome adversity and learn from it so you can rediscover your true self.

How Can I Help You?

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


Trauma Solutions (CPTSD)


Anxiety and Stress Reduction


What I Do​

I provide online and face to face professional counseling services to individuals, group support sessions, and online self-help courses.

I provide in person therapy or online sessions

If you're within easy travelling distance, I am happy to see you at my office in Buenos Aires. If not, let's work online!

I lead face to face group-support sessions

Sometimes, we learn, grow and heal faster in the company of others who are struggling with similar challenges.

I provide resources for psycho-education

Learn and grow at your own pace from the comfort of your own home with my blogs, courses, workshops and videos.


About Eclectic Alu

My purpose is to empower you through online therapy sessions and psycho-education.
I'm a big believer in Post Traumatic Growth. This is why I'm passionate about helping you identify psychological obstacles and make positive life changes to overcome and learn from adversity. Your well-being is my goal.

Let me help you take your life back.

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