Narcissistic Abuse Analysis

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program

Feel validated when it comes to this deleterious event. Not only by myself and my own experience, but also by empirical psychological research that gives meaning and understanding to what you've experienced. The narcissistic abuse recovery program will help you understand the absurdity of what you went through and make sense of this horrific situation.

Narcissistic abuse has been referred to as a violation of the soul, and legitimately so! One of my main concerns when dealing with abuse is to make you feel righteously validated. You have been through a bizarre and psychologically scarring life event.


It is my experience that through this pain you will rise above, regain your life, and become stronger, empathically mature, and more assertive. Through my academic training, my own personal experience, and my specialty in narcissistic abuse, I can help you navigate your healing journey on your way to growth.

In this program we can work on:
▸ Clarification through psycho-education
▸ Research based counseling tools and techniques proven to propel your healing journey
▸ Finding your true self again
▸ It will help you make sense of what is happening or what has happened
▸ A safe space to express yourself
▸ 1 hour of counseling with me!
▸ Helping you decide what your next steps will be
▸ Empowering you to set boundaries without feeling guilty

The program is designed to guide you through the stages of recovery. I will help you assess your personality style and your key strengths but also your limiting and subconscious beliefs. I look forward to giving you tools and techniques to overcome this highly damaging life event and evolve from this.

I'd be honored and excited to help you reclaim your true self through healing techniques that will bring clarity and will help you make sense of this outlandish experience allowing you to make decisions moving forward.

Through this program you'll be inspired to connect with your inner warrior and your true self.

Whether you need a one time conversation with a professional who understands trauma and narcissistic abuse, or you need help confirming your doubts about someone that seems to be highly narcissistic or with symptoms of other personality disorders, I can help you discern. Or maybe you want to work on a full narcissistic abuse recovery program with weekly sessions.

Whatever the case may be you can always first book a one time free 15-minute discovery session to see if we can work effectively together. Please fill out the form below so that we can agree on a time convenient to both of us to talk via zoom.

This program is available both face to face and online. In English and in Spanish.

Let me help you take your life back.

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